Product Claims and Description: This richly pigmented high-shine liquid lip paint is enriched with Vitamin E to help hydrate and nourish the lips. The unique curve of the applicator expertly glides over the contours of the lips for an extra glossy shine.

E.l.f. Highshine Liquid Lipstick-Red Apple 1

Comes in a clear square plastic tube with a matte black top. Black lettering.
Tube is 4 3/4 in long with a 1/2in x 1/2in base.
The cap screws on securely, but this is one of those glosses where if you stick the wand back in the tube, but don’t screw it down the wand with automatically slid back out.
The packaging it’s self is durable and hasn’t broken on me. The lettering also hasn’t worn off.
Contains .27 fl. Oz. (8ml).E.l.f. Highshine Liquid Lipstick-Red Apple 2

Has a light vanilla scent.
Has a thick, slightly sticky consistency, but it isn’t too sticky.
Has no taste.
I noticed feathering after four hours of wear time.
Has a flat (no glitter or shimmer), glossy finish.
I found it to be hydrating.
After removing the gloss with a makeup wipe it left a stain.
Very pigmented.
Transfers very easily.
Claims to: Be pigmented- I agree. Hydrate-I agree. Have a convenient applicator-I disagree.
4 shades available: Naked Nude, Bitten Pink, Crushed Berries and Red Apple.
Costs $4.00

E.l.f. Highshine Liquid Lipstick-Red Apple 3

—Over All—
I really wanted to love this beautiful red gloss, but….omg did this stuff bleed outside my lip line and make me look like a sims 3 vampire. It wasn’t a pretty look and I haven’t used the lip gloss since. Not worth the $4.00 in my opinion. I do not recommend this to anyone especially if you have wrinkles around your lips.


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