Product Claims and Description: Bound-We’ve made it easy for you – most of our Lippie Stix have a matching Lippie Pencil that was designed to match its partner perfectly. We’ve listed some recommendations for matching pencils, but hey, we’re not trying to tell you what to do! If you want to shake it up a bit, have fun mixing and matching! Glossy Medium to full coverage lipstick that is packed with moisture and an extra creamy feel in a glossy finish. Shade pinks.
Skimpy-Formula contains Vitamin E, Mango, Avocado, and Shea butter for added comfort and moisture. None of our Lippie formulas contain any nasty ingredients like Parabens or Sulfates. Medium-to-full coverage lipstick that’s ultra creamy and melts onto the lips. Shade nudes.

ColourPop-Birthday Cake, Skimpy, Trust Me, Lumier, Bound

Lipstick is housed in a white “stick” packaging with a pull off cap and the bottom is the color of the lip product inside.
The tube is 4 ½ in. long and ½ in. in diameter.
I haven’t had them long, but none have broken on me nor has the lettering worn off.
Contains 1.0g/0.0352oz of lipstick.
Bound is on sale right now (6/29/17) for $4.00 while skimpy is full price at $5.00.

ColourPop-Bound, Lumiere, Trust Me, Skimpy, Birthday Cake

Bound has a slight vanilla scent while Skimpy has no smell at all.
They have a smooth, soft consistency that is a tad thicker than your normal lipstick.
No taste.
On me Bound lasted 2-3 hours before the finish dried down to a matte stain that slowly started to wear off.
Obviously from the title these have a glossy finish. I have two other lippie stix from this brand but they are matte and matte x formulas so I thought they needed their own separate reviews due to the different wear times of the formulas.
These are what I call flat, meaning they contain no glitters or sparkles of any kind.
Not sticky.
My lips felt a little dry after this wore off.
Very pigmented.
Transfers as it is just a lipstick and not a stain or long wearing.
Claims to: Be glossy-I agree. Have medium to full coverage-I agree. Be moisturizing- I disagree. Be extra creamy-I agree.

ColourPop Lippie Stix-Bound 1 copyColourPop Lippie Stix-Skimpy 1 copy

—Over All—
With all the hype these got on youtube I expected something amazing, but to me these are just another good, cheap lipstick. So while I do like these, I have no complaints, I guess I was a little let down. If these were available in store I would probably be a little more excited. Idk… I just wasn’t blown away. So I guess what I’m saying is I do recommend these if you don’t mind the short wait for them to come in. Shipping to TX was actually pretty fast. If I remember correctly I received them in a week or under. Okay, no more babbling. Unless I fall head over heels for one of these colors I won’t buy them again.


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