Okay, so obviously I can’t manage to keep a schedule with these posts. So I’m just gonna go with manicure weekly from now on and hope I can do it on a weekly basis.

So this week the nail polish I chose was another one from hot topic. The Black Heart Beauty Iridescent nail polish in Blue Iridescent. Creative name huh? Anyway, the brush for this one was just your typical size round brush that coated the nail in three swipes. The smell is nothing different or super strong, just typical nail polish smell. It was completely opaque in two coats. It didn’t dry too fast or too slow. It’s all around your typical nail polish.

Black Heart Beauty Nail Polish-Blue Iridescent 1

What I want to talk about however, the reason I started these posts, is the lasting power. It, unlike the regular pink polish I tried, chipped on day two and by day three all of the polish on the tips of my nails had chipped off. Now at day 6 the picture below is how they look. My poor pointer fingers are only half painted. The other think I want to mention is that this polish is not smooth once it’s on the nails, dry. As you can probably tell from the pictures there is clearly a bumpy texture to it, which I think is because of the glitter in this polish.

Black Heart Beauty Nail Polish-Blue Iridescent 2

All in all, despite the lack of lasting power I’m still drawn to this polish because it’s just a beautiful color. It reminds me of mermaids or the unicorn theme that seems to have picked up and become very popular (for some strange reason), here lately. Any who, hope you all found this review helpful. Have a nice day. 🙂


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