Sorry this nail polish Monday is coming to you on a Tuesday. I had a busy weekend and didn’t get time to pain my nails until Sunday. I wanted to be able to wait two days before posting how well it’s holding up. So on with the post.


This week I was in the mood for neon nail polish so I went for this pink one from hot topic. I found the consistency to be perfect, not too thick and not too thin, and the brush to be the right size for my nails. I could cover one half of my nail in one swipe making it easy to paint my nail efficiently with three easy swipes of the brush. I also didn’t find that it had an overpowering smell.

Left Hand copy

For a five dollar polish that I bought at half price, it’s holding up surprisingly well. Usually neon polishes like this get air bubbles under it and flake off in one big piece, but this one has only chipped a little around the tips of the nails that I use most often. Over all I really like this polish.


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