Product Claims/Description: L’Oréal’s Infallible Pro-Matte Gloss is their first high-impact matte gloss that provides high-impact, velvet matte color without the dry-out. The unique Pro-Sculpt applicator allows you to create endless looks from a bold sculpted look to a nude ombre. Benefits: Bold color intensity, lush feel. All day comfort.

The bottle is a hourglass shaped plastic bottle with silver lettering and a matte black top. ~The applicator is tear drop shaped with a hole in the center. ~The bottle is 4in. tall and has a 3/4th x 3/4th in. square base .~The cap screws on and clicks closed so it won’t come open easily. ~I’ve had this gloss for a while not and it hasn’t broken. ~It contains .2 fl. Oz. (6.3 ml.) of gloss.

Loreal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss 7

~Has a sweet, tangy smell that reminds me of sweet tarts. It’s not strong and doesn’t linger. ~Feels soft and creamy. ~Despite its smell it has no taste. ~The creaminess lasted two hours during which I ate. The color itself lasted four hours before a touch up was needed, but I wasn’t able to touch it up because I was out of the house and forgot to bring the gloss with me. ~It is matte as the name suggests. ~It’s not sticky. ~I didn’t find it to be drying. ~As it wore off it left a stain-like pigment behind. ~It transfers as most glosses do. ~I find that is sinks into fine lines on the lips, but not in a bad way. (If that makes sense). ~I agree with all of it’s claims. ~There are 10 shades available as of 3-23-17.

Loreal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss 6

—Over all—
This is one of my favorite lip glosses. It’s comfortably matte and the perfect shade of dusty pink, in my opinion. I find that this shade is complementary of my light green eyes. So for that reason I recommend this to anyone looking for a matte pink to complement light eyes or to someone just looking for a comfortable matte lippie, or anyone really. I will buy this again in the future.

Pros: Matte, Comfortable, Cheap, Long Lasting.
Cons: Transfers, has a scent, settles into fine lines.


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