Nail polish Saturday hasn’t been posted in a while because I have been giving my nails a break, but now it’s back and on a new day. The post’s are going to be a little different now. I’m going to paint my nails on Saturday’s and snap a picture then wait a few days and post how well the polish had held up from when I paint them on Saturday to when I snap the picture on Monday.


So with that said, on to the polish of the week, Sensational Color Gel Polish in Ocean Sparkle. This is obviously not a normal nail polish. It is a gel polish that needs to be cured with an led lamp. We’re coming to the end of day two of this polish and it still hasn’t chipped. I love it. While I don’t think this is going to last two weeks as it claims to, I do think it might at least last a week, which is saying something for me.

I’m still a little new to gel polishes, but so far it’s lasted longer on my nails that any other polish has. If you have any questions about this polish feel free to ask.


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