Product Claims and Description:
This ultra-smooth, rich colored gloss is loaded with extra ingredients to moisturize and condition. Create lips so gorgeous, they’ll have your exes wanting you back! Enriched with Vitamins A&E, Cocoa Butter, Sunflower, Avocado, and Grape to nourish and protect the lips. The unique applicator shape applies precise color for a perfectly pouty look. Directions: Apply to lips as often as desired. Wear alone or layer over any other lip color.

E.l.f. Extra Lipgloss 1

When it comes to packaging these are nothing to rave about. These glosses are in a clear tube with a white lid. It feels cheap, but at $2.00 a pop this is to be expected. The tube shorter than most, (about an inch shorter than your average writing pen) and as big around as a chapstick. The cap twists on securely, but the cap of both of mine have cracked and I’ve hand them for a little over a year. The only other complaints that I have about this product is the lettering wears off of the tube super easy and the gloss tends to get globed up in the top of the tube then gets on the threads of the screw on cap. This may cause the product to leak out of the tube, but it has yet to happen to me. This gloss has a flat paddle type applicator instead of the usual doe foot.

E.l.f. Extra Lipgloss-Michael

Michael, a Berry tone pink with gold sparkles.

This gloss is exactly as it claims to be. It’s smooth, despite the micro glitters all the colors have. They are very pigmented and don’t need a lipstick underneath unless that’s just how you want to wear it. I hear the lighter shades can be patchy, but I don’t know from experience, because the ones I bought are not the light of shades. These glosses have a sweet vanilla smell that doesn’t linger and a slightly sweet taste. These will transfer onto mugs and other things because they are a regular non-long wearing gloss. With me they last about 2 hours and don’t wear off patchy or funny. They don’t leave a weird ring around your lips or anything. I believe that these will suit any skin type or age.

E.l.f. Extra Lipgloss-Scott

Scott, a mid tone beige. This one also has gold micro shimmers.

There are 4 shades as of 2/13/17: Scott, Michael, Luke and Brett. I own two of them, Scott and Michael. I forgot to mention that these glosses are named after men, supposedly your ex-boyfriend. I personally think this is cute of elf, but others have found it creepy or weird.

Pros: Pigmented, smooth, long wearing (for a gloss).
Cons: Transfers like all glosses do, cheap packaging.

 Over all I really like these lip glosses and give them a 4 out of 5. They lose a lippy for the cheap packaging.


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