Product Claims and Description:
Formula glides on to prep lips for color. Pro-vitamin complex helps gently lock in rich, natural-looking lip color. Directions: Gently shape upper and lower lip line, starting from center and working outward in short strokes.

~No smell or taste.
~Not creamy.
~Tends to tug on lips when filling in.
~Last me three hours/up until I ate dinner.
~Will work just fine on any skin type or age.
~Did not leave a stain behind when wearing off.
~Leaves lips feeling dry.
~Transfers a little bit, but not much.

~White pencil with color swatch around the end.
~Color name isn’t on the pencil anywhere (Kind of aggravating).
~Has a sharpener built into the cap. It is both convent and a downfall because with there being a space that air can get into it tends to dry out the product.
~The cap doesn’t like to stay on.
~Costs $1.00. ~Only once shade available.

—Over All—
I don’t like or dislike this product. It’s just kind of is what it is. It’s functional, but I feel like there are some better lip liners out there for around the same price. Two out of five stars from me because it did actually last for quite a while on me and probably would have lasted longer had I not eaten dinner.


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