Product Claims and Description: Get beautiful precision color that lasts for hours with this pigment rich lip stain marker. The pen-like tip lets you draw on color easily for a streak & smudge free professional look. Infused with nourishing Vitamin E to hydrate and moisturize lips. How to use: Apply lip stain marker directly on to dry, clean lips and build coverage as desired.For longer lasting color and a full pout, use it over our Lip Primer & Plumper.


What it great about this product is that it is a true lip stain. They last practically all day. A few touchups may be needed after eating a hearty meal. It has little to no smell and no taste at all. The felt tip is nice on the lips and doesn’t drag or pull on the lips. The packaging is nice considering that these lip stains are only $2.00. The caps stay on securely, no need to worry about them falling off, and the tube itself is made of sturdy plastic. They only problem with the packaging that I have found it that the metallic lettering on the tubes rubs off over time. If that is something that will bug you the problem can easily be solved with a little bit of clear nail polish brushed over the lettering.


This stain comes in three different colors as of 3-2-17, but I’ve only tried two. Pink Petal and Nude Nectar. Pink Petal has been discontinued. Pink Petal is almost a Barbie pink while Nude Nectar is nowhere near nude in my opinion. It is a dark red-ish brown that I think will look good on all skin types. Pink Petal will also suit a wide range of skin tones.


While I personally love these stains, they were not made to be kept in the hot of a car for several days in your purse or something of the like. I forgot my purse in my car for a few days and the picture below is the result. A weird greenish brown fuzzy mold or something started growing on it. Ick! Needless to say I trashed it and bought another the next time I went to wal-mart.

All in all these stains are one of my favorites. They last all day, have no smell or taste and are pretty pigmented. Just don’t let them get hot or they weill get ruined. I would recommend these to anyone wanting to try a stain and not spend a ton of money. E.l.f.’s products are the most affordable out there that I have found. Four out of five stars from this beauty blogger.


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