Product description and Claims: The velvety, satin texture glides on lips with vibrant color and luminous shine. Enriched with Shea and Vitamins A, C and E to nourish and hydrate the lips. The rich, creamy formula seals in moisture for long-lasting wear and comfort. Directions: Apply to lips as often as needed.


These lipsticks are your normal, no frills lipsticks. They are creamy and smooth in texture and have a slightly waxy feel, but it doesn’t bother me. They are pigmented and are not sheer, but it takes 2-3 swipes to build up the color. They last about 2-3 hours, but if you eat or drink anything touch ups will be needed as they transfer. These lipsticks also have no flavor, so that’s a bonus. If you have a lot of wrinkles and creases in your lips please note that this will sink into them, but it doesn’t necessarily accentuate them. For this reason I do not recommend this lipstick to older women.


The packaging is pretty and sleek as most all of elf’s studio packaging is. The tube is matte black with a clear little pot on the bottom that contains a little of the product. So what you see on the bottom of the tube is the true color of what’s inside. The lid snaps on securely so you don’t have to worry about it coming off in your purse or makeup bag. The rest of the packaging is durable as well, so far the lettering hasn’t worn off of my lipsticks and I’ve had Party In The Buff for over a year now. The tube is the same size as all standard lipsticks and contains .11 oz (3.2g) of lipstick.


Left to right: Flirty and Fabulous then Party in the Buff.


Party in the Buff,(Seen above) a peachy, slightly orange nude shade. This one smells awful, like crayons and applies patchy. This one is only still in my collection for reviewing purposes. The color and the way it applies makes my lips look chalky even though the formula is very moisturizing. If you have dry lips I would stay away from this one.


Flirty and Fabulous, (Seen above) a bright fuchsia pink with a blue undertone. This one smells slightly sweet, kinda vanilla-ish. It applies like a dream and is my favorite of these lipsticks.

Pros: Cheap ($3.00), comfortable on the lips, Moisturizing.
Cons: Some colors apply weird and Patchy.
All in all I give these lipsticks a 4 out of 5.


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