Product Claims and Description: Get long lasting color and shine with smooth glide applicator. Formula helps hydrate, condition and soften lips. Directions: twist bottom of pen to activate color release. Layer on color and re-apply any time.e-l-f

So on with the review. I’d like to start out by saying that this is not a lipstick, nor do they look anything like the swatches on the website. These are a decently pigmented lip gloss. The texture is slightly thick, but not uncomfortable. The gloss aspect of it is obviously glossy, but this is not one that will make your lips look like glass. I think the thick consistency of these glosses is what makes them last so long, 3-4 hours. Eating and drinking will of course make them wear off sooner. These are also very moisturizing, as they claim to be, and do not dry out your lips as they wear off.


The lip gloss itself is housed in an all clear round pen that is a little skinnier than a chapstick. To use this product you simply twist the bottom of the pen until the lip goss comes out of the 10 tiny holes on top of the plastic applicator on top of the pen that is covered with a thin layer of felt. The clear cap snaps on securely and the silver lettering has yet to rub off, (I even had it in my pocket all day). I have heard however in other reviews that the twist up mechanism is prone to breaking, so be careful. Each pen contains 0.05oz (1.5g) of gloss. Not a lot if you ask me, but hey they’re only a dollar.


The formulas of these Luscious Liquid Lipsticks vary by color. The shades Pink Lemonade and Maple Sugar smell and taste minty while the other one, Ruby Slipper, doesn’t have a taste or smell. I’m not sure about the formula of the other shades. There are 4 shades available as of 2/13/17: Baby Lips, Pink Lemonade, Ruby Slipper and Cherry Tart. I own three of them, Pink Lemonade, Ruby Slipper and Maple Sugar. Pink Lemonade and Ruby Slipper are actually very similar.


Pros: No bad smell or taste (Ruby Slipper). Moisturizing and soothing. Not sticky or uncomfortable on the lips. Long lasting (for a gloss) 3-4 hours. Cheap, $1.00. Cons: Minty taste and smell (Pink Lemonade and Maple Sugar). Pen is prone to breaking.


Left: Pink Lemonade is, as the name suggests, a pink gloss with tiny gold shimmers that give the gloss a metallic effect.
Middle: Ruby slipper is more of an orangey gloss with tiny gold shimmer that give it the same metallic effect as Pink Lemonade.
Right: Maple Sugar is a light brown that also has gold shimmers. Please note that this one has a stronger sweet taste than the others that I own. It has also been discontinued.

Over all I give these a 4 out of 5. I took off a point for the poor naming.


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