Product Claims and Description:
This innovative lip tint reacts with the chemistry of your lips to deliver a personalized, perfect shade of pink! The ethereal hue gives a sheer flush of color that enhances the natural beauty of your lips. The gel-based formula glides on smoothly and is infused with Shea Butter to moisturize and nourish. How to use: Apply the lip tint over your lips to hydrate and nourish or combine with lipstick to create a unique color. Can also be used on the cheeks for a creamy glow.


~No smell or taste. ~Smooth lip balm like texture with a thin consistency. ~Stands up to all claims. (Personalized pink color, Enhances natural lip color, Glides on smoothly, Hydrates lips.) ~Lasts me two the three hours on the lips and left a slight stain behind when it wore off. ~Will suit any skin tone and age as it does not bleed outside of the lip line. ~Glossy finish with not glitter. ~Not sticky. ~Hydrating formula. ~Three shades available-Perfect Pink, Perfect Berry, and Perfect Peach.


~Pretty round silver tube with black lettering. ~Opens and closes securely. ~Durable. Hasn’t broken and the lettering hasn’t worn off yet. ~Contains 0.11oz (3.4g) of product.

—Over all—
I love the natural look this lip product gives and how light it feels on the lips. I would buy it again if I ever ran out and I do recommend it to anyone looking for a light natural flush of pink. This gets and 5 out of 5 from me.
Pros: Moisturizing, natural and just plain fun to use. Costs $6.00
Cons: I honestly can’t think of any.


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