Product Claims and Description:
This soft white eye pencil goes on smooth and blends easily, creating an illusion of bright and beautiful eyes. Use the eye widener pencil to line the lower lid, outer corners, inner corners, or even as a highlight for your brow bone. The pearly white pencil helps to awaken tired eyes for a more youthful and vibrant look! Directions: Apply this creamy white pencil along upper lash line and on the inside of lower lids for a look that makes your eyes appear bigger and more noticeable.


~No smell. ~Seems soft when swatched on back of hand, but it’s not. ~Claims to be blendable and brighten eyes. ~Not Blendable, but does brighten eyes (If you can get it to work). ~Not much pigmentation (only the faintest amount of white glitter). ~Does not work on the waterline. ~Not smudge proof. ~One shade available-White.

~Pearly white wooden pencil. ~Lid has a built in sharpener. ~Lettering wore off easily. ~The sharpener on the lid leaves a space for air to get to the tip of the pencil and dry out the liner.


I wouldn’t say I like this product. I don’t hate it, but it don’t like it either. I wouldn’t buy it again and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone because there just isn’t enough pigment. When I used it on my waterline to widen my eyes I had to press really hard to get anything on my waterline at all. And what I did get on was just a light sheen of white pearly sparkle. 0 out of 5 from me.

Pros: Has a built in sharpener. Costs $1.00
Cons: Sharpener can let the product dry out.


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