Product Claims and Description:
Long-lasting color and shine. ~Hydrates, conditions and softens on contact. ~Soothes and smooths lips. Directions: Apply to lips and blend in color for total lip saturation. Re-apply as often as desired.

~All four colors smell slightly sweet but it’s not overpowering. ~They all are very soft and creamy. The one that has glitter (Socialable) doesn’t feel chunky or gritty on the lips. The lightest shade I own (Flirtatious) is a lot softer and creamier than the others, which could be a bad thing. Several people have complained of the lipsticks themselves being so soft that they break. But this has never happened to me. ~They have no taste at all. ~There are 7 shades in the collection at the moment. (2/13/17). ~There is a shade in the collection to suit every skin tone. ~Three of the shades I own have a satin finish while the other (Socialable) has a satin finish with small pieces of glitter in it. ~The don’t feel heavy or sticky on the lips at all. ~They’re not drying, but at the same time they don’t really moisturize either.


~They are housed in a silver tube with a clear center that allows you to see the color inside the tube. ~The caps don’t snap on, they just slide on with nothing to grip onto. So putting them in a makeup bag or your purse may not be a good idea. ~The twist up mechanism of the tube can be a bit sticky in the older packaging, but the newer packaging that you see Flirtatious in is much more smooth and easy to twist up. ~Other than the sticky twist up mechanism the packaging seems to be durable, but the silver lettering wore off kind of fast considering that it never got put in a purse or anything. ~They all contain .12oz (3.5g) of lipstick.


I love these lipsticks. They are not only extremely affordable but they are beautiful colors and feel comfortable on the lips. I recommend them to anyone looking for a good cheap lipstick. If/when I run out of these I will repurchase them.
Pros: Cheap, comfortable, decent color range.
Cons: Not travel friendly, prone to breaking because of how soft they are, Sweet scent can be off putting to some.


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