Product claims and description:
~This smudge-free, budge-free eyeliner lasts for hours for fabulous and fresh precision.
~The smooth pen applicator easily glides on color for very fine to bold lines.
Directions: Hold applicator at a slight angle and apply to the base of lashes. Use a light touch for thin lines or a firmer touch for thicker lines. Tips: Best stored tip down for ultimate color saturation.


~No Smell. ~Soft felt tip. ~Claims to be smudge free, but isn’t.
~Claims to be waterproof, but isn’t.
~Will suit any skin type or age.
~Does not work on waterline.
~Matte black.
~Easy to use.
~Two shades available: Black & Coffee.


~White, hourglass shaped pen.
~Lid has a spring mechanism in it that helps it close very securely.
~Contains 0.05 oz of product.
~Felt tip applicator. ~Costs $2.00.



I do not love this product. Although it works just fine the felt tip is frayed and it smudges on me like crazy. The only way I would recommend this is if you need makeup and are on a very tight budget. Otherwise I’d say there are better things out there.
Pros: easy to use, pigmented.
Cons: Felt tip is frayed, product doesn’t saturate the very tip (Probably because it came to me frayed), it smudges, and it is not waterproof.


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