Product Claims and Description:
Our Shimmering Facial Whip is a multipurpose, on-the-go whipped highlighter packed with Vitamin E to instantly brighten and soothe skin with no greasy after-feel. Ideal for using on your cheeks, lips, eyelids, or anywhere you would like a radiant pop of shimmering color. Directions: Squeeze a pearl-sized amount onto finger and blend into cheeks, eyes, or lips.

Pictured above: Spotlight. Spotlight is a stark white highlighter.

It is packaged in a small squeeze tube with a twist off lid. It contains .35oz of product which may not seem like much, but a little goes a long way with this stuff. Some people have complained of this product being watery. They say that just shimmery water comes out. If this happens then you have gotten a bad one. Either toss it or do your best to shake it up really well. This product is defiantly multipurpose as it claims to be. I’ve used it on my eyes to highlight my brow bone and inner corner and my cheeks to highlight my cheekbones, but I’ve never used it on my lips and I’ll tell you why. It’s too shimmery for that. I feel like if I put this on my lips I will look like I’ve put on a child’s makeup. Now, I’m not saying don’t put it on your lips, you do you, I just personally don’t like that type of look. As far as formula goes, this doesn’t stand up to it’s claims. It says that it won’t leave a greasy after feel, and it doesn’t, it leaves a straight up sticky after feel. Some people don’t like this, and if you like to apply your liquid highlighters ontop of your foundation, then I’d say you won’t like it either.

Pictured above: Lilac Petal. Lilac Petal is a very light pink color. It looks bright until you blend it out. Then it becomes a baby pink.

How I apply this is with a brush or, if I’m not around my brushes, my finger to the tops of my cheek bones and cupids bow. You have to work fast because is starts drying kind of fast. Then I top it with my foundation and whatever other makeup I’m applying that day. It works fine under a powder or mineral foundation. It has such a strong shimmer that it shines right through whatever you put on top of it. I love this stuff! It does have a slight fruity pebbles type of scent, but don’t worry it fades as soon as you start blending it in. To me it had the creamy consistency of melted lipstick. There are no huge chunks of glitter in this, but just bright glowing shimmers. For me this stuff lasts all day and doesn’t fade. I think that this will suit any skin tone or age. There are three shades available as of 2/16/17: Golden Peach, Lilac Petal and Spotlight. I have the latter two.

Pros: Pigmented, good smell that fades, multipurpose, affordable easy to use, long lasting.
Cons: Hard to blend, sticky, hit of miss when it comes to quality.

Would I by this again? Yes, without a doubt. 4 out of 5 stars.


One thought on “E.l.f. Shimmering Facial Whip

  1. I’ve been going back and forth about whether or not this was worth trying. I think I’ll give it a try now! The Lilac Petal is very pretty. I wonder if it could add anything to shimmery eyeshadow if it was put under them.


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