Product Claims and Description:
The soft and shimmering color of our Baked Blush, creates a natural healthy glow. Baked in an oven, these blushes offer rich pigmentation for a beautiful effect. The long-lasting formula provides a gorgeous, smooth and even application. Infused with active key ingredients Jojoba, Rose, Sunflower, Apricot and Grape to nourish and hydrate the skin. Apply this shimmering color dry for sheer pigmentation, or use a damp brush or sponge for a more vibrant effect. Directions: Using a brush, apply to the apples of the cheeks for a subtle wash of color. Or dampen a brush and blend in for a more vibrant effect. Build color for desired look.


I’d like to start out by saying that this is not a blush. It’s a highlighter. The pink swirled throughout this “blush” does nothing to add color to the main Champagne pink. This blush feels hard at first, but once the top layer of powder has been worn off it fells soft and buttery. A lot of people that have left reviews on the e.l.f. web site have complained about the entire dome of this baked blush breaking off, but that’s never happened to me with any of the backed e.l.f. products I own. It lasts all day on the cheeks and will suit any age type and tone, but it might be too light for women of color. In the picture below you can kind of see the line of where I shaved off the hard top surface in order to get to the softer product below.


This blush is housed in a small round compact with a clear top. The compact is durable, but the letters are slowly wearing off. The compact is 2” in diameter and contains .18 oz (5.2g) of “blush”.


I love this blush. While this totally flops as a blush it is an awesome highlighter. And I recommend this to anyone who wants to try a beautiful cheap highlighter. Just remember that you might have to scrape off the top layer of product for it to function properly.

Pros– Cheap, Pigmented, soft.
Cons– Hard at first.


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