-Has a very sweet, fruity scent
-Jelly Lipgloss has a very smooth, creamy texture
Shimmer and Sparkle Lipgloss has a smooth, none gritty texture
-Has no taste.
-Lasts three hours.
-There are ten shades available that I know of.
-They are not sticky.
-They feel very hydrating on the lips.
-They aren’t super pigmented, but are still nice.
-All shades transfer, because they are a true gloss.


-The gloss is housed in a square plastic tube that is 5/8×5/8 in square and 3 3/4in tall.
-The lid clicks closed tightly.
-The plastic feels a little cheap, but it’s durable.
-It contains .20 oz (5.6g) of lipgloss
-It has a 24 month shelf life.
-Costs $1.00 on Shop Miss A.


I like these glosses, but they are nothing amazing. They are just a good, basic gloss that I probably will not buy again that I have lip product add and I like trying new lip products. So a gloss has to be amazing for me to buy it again.


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