So this week’s polish is from the brand Be a Bombshell Cosmetics in the shade Holly Fuchsia. I went through the application process as I usually do with filing, cleaning with alcohol, Everglaze prep then a base coat for natural nails and two coats of nail color. So far this has lasted a whole 24 hours without chipping. So I am really liking this brand. My only complaints are that the brush is almost too wide, it caused me to make a mess of my pinky nail, and that it smelled heavily of chemicals. If you have ever smelled silly string (something my mother puts in my Christmas stocking and Easter basket every year for some reason lol) it smells just like that only stronger. I can handle regular fingernail polish scent, but this was a bit much. Who know’s though, the weird smell could be what is helping it stay on my nails. The smell and the brush aren’t going to keep me from using this again, especially if he keeps holding up like it has so far. Oh and this polish from Be a Bombshell Cosmetics costs $6.00 on the Be A Bombshell Cosmetics website. I got this in an ipsy bag and didn’t know the cost until I looked it up to do this post. Going on just my first impression, I thought just by quality that this would cost more than six dollars.


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