Hey peeps, I’m back for another nail polish Saturday. Sorry I’m posting this so late. This week I used two different nail polishes from L.A. Colors.


Accent nail:  Gel Extreme Shine Gel-Like Polish in the shade Flurry.
I have had one of these gel-like polishes from this brand before in a red shade, but after just an hour of wear time half of the nail polish chipped off, (literally just the bottom half of my nail was still painted), and it did that to all of my fingers so I know it wasn’t just a fluke. So that bottle went in the trash. But this shade seems to be holding it’s own. As I am writing this, several hours after taking this picture of my nails, it has only chipped the slightest it at the edges. And that’s saying something considering I have been on a cleaning spree today. I love the brush of this polish. It is wide and flat, but not too wide. It’s just the right size to cover my nail in two swipes.

Other nails: Color Craze Nail Polish with hardeners in the shade Circuits.
So far this polish is chipping a little faster than the gel-like polish, but it is still just little chips at the edges of the nail, noting too noticeable or drastic. The brush of this one is just your usual, nice rounded brush that coats my nails in three swipes.


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