Product Claims and Description:
This gorgeous foundation palette holds 4 complimentary shades to mix and match for custom-blended color year round. The creamy formula glides on effortless for adjustable natural looking coverage. Enriched with Shea, Vitamin A, C, & E and other nourishing ingredients to help skin feel soft, smooth, and revitalized.

-No smell.
–Feels slightly greasy.
–Claims to be: effortless, look natural, revitalize skin. I don’t see where it does any of that.
–It lasts three hours tops on my oily skin.
–Not for oily skin.
–Not for mature skin.
–Light coverage, not buildable.
-Dewy finish.
–Clings to dry patches.
–There are four different pallets that contain four different colors.

-3 ½ in x 3 ½ in x ½ in. square black compact with removable pans, a large mirror and white lettering.
–Opens easily and closes securely.
–Contains 0.43oz (12.4g) of foundation.

I don’t care for this foundation. I love the idea behind having multiple shades to mix and match. I also love the packaging with its pans that pop out so other pans from e.l.f.’s similar pallets can be popped in to create a custom pallet. But this particular product and formula didn’t wow me. this foundation just sat on my skin feeling heavy and doing hardly anything for my complexion.


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