These Lipsticks have a strong very sweet fruit smell that kind of reminds me of Juicy Fruit Gum, but I don’t mind it. Despite being fruity smelling this lipstick has no taste at all. It feels very soft and smooth on the lips. It stays in place and doesn’t move outside the lip line or wherever you put it. It has a slightly glossy finish and although it’s shimmery it doesn’t feel gritty. It feels hydrating, but rather or not it actually hydrates the lips is yet to be seen. It’s pigmented, but not 100% opaque. (By that I mean that I can kind of see my natural lips through the lipstick.) On Me this lasted about three hours and needed retouching after eating.

This lipstick is housed in a round tube with a gold and black cheetah print bottom. The cap is clear and has a gold bow on top. Its 3 inches tall not including the bow, and ¾ inch in diameter. The cap stays on well, so now worries there. I’ve had the lipstick for a while and so far the overall packaging is durable. I usually tell how much lipstick the tube contains, but I have no idea. I also have no idea how long it is technically supposed to last after being opened, but my guess is around 24 months.

I love this one dollar lipstick. It’s lightweight on the lips and smells like my favorite gum. I would recommend this to absolutely anyone.

Pros: Smells awesome, costs $1.00 U.S., is creamy, comfortable on the lips and stays in place.
Cons: The consistency could be considered too thin. Some may not like it, but that just if they are being extremely picky.


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