Product Claims and Description:
Achieve a flawless complexion with the silky smooth e.l.f. Studio Flawless Finish Foundation. The lightweight and oil-free formula blends in naturally for a beautiful semi-matte finish. This liquid foundation applies easily and lasts all day for visibly brighter and radiant looking skin. Using our Flawless Finish Foundation not only restores uneven skin textures and tones, but most importantly, the SPF 15 protects your skin against harmful sun damage!


  • The square bottle is made of very pretty frosted glass that has a pump at the top that is covered with a square cap.
  • The bottle with the cap on measures 1 ¼th in. x 1 ¼th in. x 3 ½ in.
  • It contains 0.68 fl. Oz. (20 ml.) of foundation.
  • The cap stays on really well so there is absolutely no worries about the lid falling off and foundation getting pumped into your makeup bag if you travel with it.
  • The bottle itself is durable, but the pump can be a little finicky. Sometimes it works then other days…not so much.


  • Sunscreen/Bug spray scent that does not linger. It goes away.
  • Formula is not too thick or thin. It’s the perfect consistency in my opinion.
  • It claims to be silky smooth, lightweight, Semi-matte, and last all day. It is all of those but the last one. It definitely doesn’t last all day.
  • It lasted me about five hours before it got to the point that I absolutely had to blot and powder my nose and forehead (where I’m most oily.)
  • Not for oily skin in my opinion.
  • If applied lightly it could work for mature skin, but if you’re an older woman reading this review and wanting full coverage, this foundation isn’t for you, but hey, it’s only $6.00 give it a try to see what you think.
  • This is a light coverage foundation that can be built up to medium coverage, but it starts to look cakey if you try to build it up to full coverage.
  • As it claims to be this is a Semi-matte finish foundation. Definitely not dewy, definitely not matte.
  • Clings to dry patches like crazy so beware of that!
  • On me this only oxidized the tiniest bit.
  • There are only six shades available so very light-skinned people and very dark-skinned people might have trouble finding the right shade.

I think this is a wonderful foundation for everyday. It has never broken me out or anything like that, but then again my skin isn’t super sensitive or anything. Despite the off-putting smell I love this foundation and will continue to repurchase it if/when I need to.

Pros:SPF 15, affordable, blendable, very lightweight and comfortable to wear, buildable to a point.
Cons: Smells funky, not super long wearing, needs blotting and powdering halfway through the day.


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