Introduction: So I picked these up from Shop Miss A a while back.  And these lipsticks are the first I have tried that have Square shape instead of the traditional rounded lipsticks. I won’t talk too much about these in this intro, instead I will give y’all the nitty gritty of these hidden gems.



  • The tube is a 3/4th by 3/4th in. square and is 3 3/4th in tall.
  • The base is black plastic and the cap is clear, durable plastic with black lettering.
  • The lid snaps closed securely, so no worried of it falling off in your purse.



  • Sweet Perfume Scent.
  • Smooth, soft, thin, slightly greasy consistency.
  • No taste.
  • 6 Shades available.
  • Creamy finish.
  • Does transfer.
  • Lasts up to 6 hours.
  • Dries down to a stain eventually.
Shade number one: A very, very light pink that dosen’t really look good on me, but I think it would look awesome on women who aren’t as pale as me.
Shade number two: A pretty Barbie pink that I personally love.
Shade number three: This shade is just a hair darker than shade two.
Shade number four: This shade is a red that is verging on pink if you ask me. It’s definitely blue toned.
Shade number five: This shade is the one I wear tested. It is a true blue red that in my opinion would look good on everyone. The top pic was taken at 1:14 pm and the bottom was taken six hours later at 7:07 pm after eating dinner.
Shade number six: This is the one that I will most likely not use very often. It is a deep berry purple that is very pretty, but not very me.

I love the square/diamond shape of the lipstick itself. And the formula is ok, but it’s a tad thin/greasy for my taste. It’s really not that bad, but it feels like it just kind of sitting on my lips instead of really adhering the way it should. All of the colors are very pigmented. These really aren’t that bad for a dollar. I defiantly recommend that you give these a try because if you don’t like them then you only wasted a dollar. I would but these again if I needed to, but since I love trying different lipsticks I doubt that I will repurchase.

Pros: Pigmented, Cheap, Comfortable, awesome shape.
Cons: Smells weird, greasy.

Thanks so much for reading! Have a great day.


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