Okay, so I’ve seen videos on YouTube like this. If you cant tell from the title it’s all about doing your makeup exactly how you did it in high school. So here goes.
I graduated in 2010. Back then I didn’t wear much makeup at all. All I would were are these five products.


I only used the first four shades in this L.A. Colors palette in Ammunition and only two of them at a time. A lighter on on the inner corner of my eye and one of the darker ones on the outer corner. I applied them with my fingers. No highlight no primer, nothing. Just the two eyeshadow colors, black eyeliner and black mascara. The mascara in the pic isn’t what I used to wear. The one I used to wear was the lash blast mascara from cover girl, the one in the orange tube shaped like this one.

It used to look something like this:


I didn’t wear foundation or powder, nothing at all on my face. I just couldn’t stand the feel of something all over my skin. It would make me feel like my pores were clogged or I just looked cakey. I know now that I was doing everything wrong when it came to foundation, hence why it looked and felt bad. To me foundation still feels heavy on my skin, but I’m getting used to it.

I would finish things off with just a clear or light pink gloss. And that was it; I was ready to go to school.

So that’s how I used to do my makeup in highschool. Every day…same thing…horrible I know.

Was your makeup look as bad as mine, or worse or did you just not wear any makeup at all? Feel free to share your horror stories with me lol.


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