20161019_162543Instead of spending upwards of $40.00 on a brush drying tree I opted for free. I already had the things needed to dry my brushes this way. All it takes to hang your brushes upside down to dry is: a hanger (I prefer a wire one), some small rubber bands and a place to hang it when you’re done.

All you’ve got to do is:

1. wrap the rubber band around the handle of the brush. 20161020_1000142. Then around the wire hanger.20161020_100054

3. Then around the brush handle again.20161020_100143Note: For smaller brushes just wrap the rubber band around the brush handle several times before putting it on the wire hanger.

Easy right? Now all you have to do is find a place to hang them up. Oh and please excuse the chipped nail polish. I paint my nails once a week and it’s getting time to paint them again. So what do your guys think? Would you choose this method over a more expensive one?


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