Claims and Description: Intense high shine. Non-drying formula. Love your lips with our new Super Shine Lipgloss. Pout lipglosses are a gloss lover’s dream. The Super Shine formula is flecked with shimmer that glides on leaving lips moisturized with shiny color.


Seen Above: Hot Lips, Smooch, Pucker Up.

These lip glosses, like most L.A. Colors lip products, have a light vanilla scent that dosen’t stick around after application. They also have not taste. The smooth gloss isn’t chunking with glitter, but there are some very, very fine micro glitters in all of the three colors that I own. On me they lasted 2-3 hours and of course they transfer like most glosses do. The formula is very hydrating as it claims to be and isn’t sticky in the slightest. Unlike some lip glosses these do not leave a stain behind after they wear off. There are a total of 11 colors in the super shine line of glosses.


These glosses are housed in a clear, short, fat, tube with a matte black lid. I love the applicator because it is shaped like a flat paddle. Oh, also if you own one of these glosses and can’t find the name of the color, it is located on the sticker on the lid, right above the bar code. When it comes to size these little guys stand at three inches tall and have a diameter of six-eights of an inch. As for the lid, it screws on securely and doesn’t leak. Over all the packaging is very durable. It also contains .14oz (4g) of lipgloss that had a 24 month shelf life after being opened.


Seen Above: Hot Lips. A ruby red gloss with gold/blue micro glitters.


Seen Above: Smooch. A Barbie pink with pink/silver micro glitters. This one isn’t very pigmented or opaque.


Seen Above: Pucker Up. A pearlescent gloss with pink/gold micro glitters.


Pros: Cheap, Non-sticky, wearable shades, nice smell.
Cons: I can’t really think of any except that the scent picky people in the world might not like them.


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