Claims and Description: Long wearing, creamy matte finish. Non-drying formula. Love your lips with our new Pout Matte Lip gloss. Pout lip glosses are a gloss lover’s dream. The long-wearing Matte formula goes on like a traditional gloss and dries to a long lasting matte finish.l-a-colors-pout-lipgloss-matte-2—Product—
~Light vanilla scent that dosen’t stick around. ~No taste. ~Creamy, smooth texture. ~applies glossy, dries matte. ~No glitter. ~Very drying. ~Very sticky. ~Claims to be long lasting and is. ~11 shades available.l-a-colors-pout-lipgloss-matte-canoodlekissablesweetlipsletskiss

Seen Above: Canoodle, Kissable, Sweet Lips, Let’s Kiss.

~Clear Tube with a matte black lid. ~Shade name is written on the sticker on the lid, right above the bar code. ~3in. tall 6/8 in. in diameter. ~Cap twists down securely with no leaks. ~Very durable. ~Contains .14oz (4g) of gloss. ~Has a 24 month shelf life after being opened.

Seen Above: Canoodle. A dark purple berry color.l-a-colors-pout-lipgloss-matte-kissable
Seen Above: Kissable. A dusty mauve pink.l-a-colors-pout-lipgloss-matte-sweet-lips-top-2-39pm-bottom-7-32pm
Seen Above: Sweet Lips. A bright fuchsia pink. Top pic. taken at 2:39 Pm. Bottom Pic. taken at 7:32 Pm.
Seen Above: Let’s Kiss. A peachy Nude.

I love these lip glosses. They are long wearing and totally worth more than the $1.00 price tag. I’m definitely going to repurchase when I run out.

 Pros: Cheap, Long wearing, smells good, wearable colors.
Cons: very sticky, very drying.


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