Claims and Description: Intense color, soft finish, ultra moisturizing. L.A. Colors lipstick has you covered with 16 gorgeous, matte shades. This revolutionary formula redefines Matte, wears comfortably and will not dry out lips. The wide range of eye-catching colors is highlighted by the modern, square design and includes everyday nudes to vampy, bold shades. Lips are supple yet velvety matte.


These Lipsticks have a light sweet fruity scent. All three are smooth, creamy and although they are creamy for a matte lipstick they do tug the slightest bit when applying. Even though they have a sweet smell they do not have a taste. Amazingly these lipsticks lasted a full six hours on me. At the end of those seven hours it felt like all of the creamy-ness had worn off and left a stain behind. Also although these are marketed as a matte lipstick they have more of a demi-matte finish. Also none of these that I own have glitter in them. These lipsticks are not sticky and a tad drying. Like I mentioned before, they dry down to a stain. There are 16 shades available.


These lipsticks are in a glossy black tube with a clear cap. The bottom of the tube is the same color as the lipstick inside. The tube is a ¾in x ¾ in square. The clear cap snaps on securely and the overall packaging is durable. The twist up mechanism of these lipsticks twist up smoothly and easily, but I wish the lipstick retracted completely into the tube so that there is no chance of nicking it when I go to put the cap back on. For approximately $1.25 you get .13oz (3.8g) of lipstick.


Seen Above: In Love-A cocoa brown that can apply a bit patchy on the first swipe, but it evens out on a second swipe. Mad Love-A opaque berry tone pink. Femme-An almost Neon, coral pink that is not 100% opaque and looks a bit more chalky and patchy than the others.


Seen Above: In Love.


Seen above: Top-Mad Love at 1:00 pm. Bottom: Mad Love at 7:23 pm.

Seen Above: Femme.

I love this lipstick, mainly because it’s so comfy on the lips and lasted so long. I recommend these lipsticks to anyone.

Pros: Creamy, cheap, wearable colors, comfortable on the lips.
Cons: Some look chalky, sweet scent.


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