~This lipstick has an almost unnoticeable vanilla scent. ~It is soft, smooth and creamy. ~It has no taste at all. ~It lasts about 2-3 hours or a few hours more if you don’t eat during that time. ~It has more of a demi-matte/satin finish rather than a true matte finish. ~It is hydrating in my opinion. ~It wears off very patchily. ~It takes more than one swipe to get the full pigmentation of this lipstick. ~It does, however tug on the lips, just a little, on application until it gets warmed up.


Seen Above: Relentless Red and Forever Fuchsia.

~The tube color matches the color of the lipstick inside and has a clear cap that allows you to see the lipstick inside. ~The name of the color is on a sticker on the lid. ~The square tube is two and seven eights of an inch tall and is a three fourths inch square. ~The cap clicks on tightly. ~The plastic is durable and hasn’t broken on me. ~The tube contains .11oz (3.2g) of product. ~This lipstick has a 24 month shelf life after being opened.


Seen Above: Relentless Red. A flat, no shimmers, ruby red.

—Over All—
These are just kind of meh. They didn’t blow me away, but at the same time I like them. They’re just a basic lipstick. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a cheap, no frills lipstick. These can be found at The Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores that i know of. They are also available online at ShopMissA .com.


Seen Above: Forever Fuchsia. a flat, no shimmers, Barbie pink.

Pros: Cheap, Creamy, Comfortable on the lips, wearable colors.
Cons: Not %100 matte, tug on lips a little.


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