Product Claims and Description:Prime, protect, moisturize, and perfect you skin with this multitasking cream. Infused with key anti-aging ingredients like Vitamin E, Jojoba, Aloe, and Cucumber to hydrate and nourish the skin. The smoothing formula minimizes fine lines and provides a natural tint of color for seamless coverage.
Directions: Apply a thin, even layer all over the skin with a brush, sponge, or even fingertips and blend in. wear alone or under foundation.


~Strong SPF scent that sticks around for a little bit, but fades as you wear it.~Smooth, thin, but not runny consistency. ~Best for dry to normal skin. ~Light to medium coverage. ~Dewy finish. Needs setting. ~Doesn’t cling to dry patches. ~Buildable without looking cakey. ~Doesn’t oxidize. ~Claims to: Prime? Not really. Protect? Yes. Moisturize? Yes. Perfect? If you like light coverage I guess. Minimize fine lines? Yes. Have a tint of color? Yes, but I’d say a little more than a tint.


Comes in a matte black squeeze tube with a pump (which is nice) and a clear cap to cover the pump. ~The packaging is durable, but the cap is made out of the same plastic as the elf face primers and I’ve had one of those break on me so be careful with these and don’t mistreat them. ~Pump hasn’t stopped working like others have. It also pumps out the same amount of bb cream every time. ~Cap fits securely over the pump so it’s okay to toss into a makeup bag without fear of it coming off. ~The tube is 1 ½ in. wide and 5 in. long.~Contains .96oz (28.5ml) of bb cream.


I love this stuff paired with a really good setting powder. It really gives just enough coverage without being too fake looking. It’s perfect for everyday use. I recommend this for people with dry to normal skin because it stays pretty dewy unless it’s set with powder.


Pros: Everyday wear, lightweight.
Cons: Has a heavy SPF scent.


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